HX fan site - General information.

This fan site is totally dedicated to preserve and even promote the Yamaha HX-1 electone family.
This wonderful and beautiful instrument was a small genius "mistake" of the Yamaha corp.
I don't know who authorized its futuristic design, or its powerful sound engine,
but who ever it was - thank you..

I tried to collect and concentrate every possible data available on the HX family.
One thing I've learnt for sure, HX has a lot of features, but none of them are in the same country.
In several countries there is no HX at all, in others there is no MBS-10 or no VED-1,
in other countries the service manual is everywhere, in other - very rare etc. etc...
Unfortunately, I can't bring you all parts of the HX service manual (you know, the keyboards SM)
even though it is a very old stuff..

I hope I didn't forget something and covered (even partially) all corners, but HEY,
if you know something I've missed - let me know..
I hope all surfers and especially HX owners will enjoy this site..
You know the say: "If you liked it - tell your friends, if not - tell me."

I hope you'll enjoy here..

James Cohen Israel.

Sincerely yours James Cohen Israel.