Welcome to the programming section.

This site was built especially for developing new software for the HX/HS electones.
Over the last two years, I've spent quite some time practically begging Yamaha-Japan
to release the MIDI spec. for programming the HX, as it is not possible to do it directly
from its panel (such as the EL family (70 and above) and the HS series.)
I'm glad that we don't have to learn how to program the user voices anymore
because I've found the original program which does exactly that. (See here.).
So I'll concentrate on developing an easier way to save registrations and performances
of the electone.
Of-course, Any help will be appreciated.

Meanwhile, You can download any of the following files below:

UserVoiceX-src.zipThe source code (MS Visual C++ for Win32) of the UserVoiceX application from the download section.
polyuserdata.pdfA PDF document which shows most of the information regarding the bit location of each poly user voice.
midi2evt-src.zip A C source code for transforming standard MIDI file into EVT files.(Without preserving the program/registration changes, and sounds.)
evt2midi-src.zip A C source code for transforming standard MDR-EVT (ESEQ) files into standard MIDI files. (Without preserving the program/registration changes, and sounds.)
Hxdoc1.pdf , Hxdoc2.pdf Two PDF documents which describes the way of transmitting information to the HX.
currentresearch14102001.zipThis ZIP file contains information about my current research state of the R00 (registration and panel memory) files research.

Sincerely yours James Cohen Israel.