Welcome to the MP3's section

It's time you hear the HX yourself !!!
In this section I've really tried to bring you the very best of the HX abilities and sounds.
All songs are sampled and mastered in 20bit and are commpressed in MPEG-1 layer-3
compression algorithm at at-least 160kbps for preserving the quality.
The files are for download only and not recommended for live streaming.
Every one who has an HX piece (all systems) and want's to add to this list, please send me the
MDR-3 files of his performance, and I'll master his piece and put it here.


Song nameartist
James Cohen
James Cohen
James Cohen
James Cohen
HX Demo
Star Trek Deep Space 9 Theme.
Ton Martens (HX1)
Ton Martens (HX3)
Ton Martens (HX3)

Sincerely yours James Cohen Israel.