Welcome to the HX downloads area.
There are many files available for download, I hope no-one will step forward telling me to
remove this file or another (most of illegal/semi-legal files are on a third side sites
which means I only give a link to them, not own them..)
Please try to report broken links, and I hope you'll find these files useful to you.

HX MDR disks (MDR-2/3 only)
Each zip file contains number of mdr pairs of files (each pair consist of Mdr_##.r00 &
Mdr_##.evt when ## is the same number. It can happen that only one of the pair is present-
that's O.K.).
Each 'contents' tag can be either .jpg (Scanned catalog) or .txt (Restored data) file.
Important:Information about formatting a 3.5" HD floppy for use with
the MDR (finally you need to unzip these zipped files onto
a 3.5" floppy and use it with your MDR-3 (2) ) - can be
found in the 'Tips & FAQs' section.
Don't forget to remove any attributes from the files.
(See further details in the 'tips & FAQs' page. Very important!!)

HX-1 User voices disks:
FVP-01x - Classical instrumentsContents
FVP-02x - Contemporary SoundsContents
FVP-03x - Synthesizer and EthnicsContents
Classical sounds - Various classical inst.Contents

Registrations disks:
Registration Disk - HX1/3 Registration DiskContents
Cover Pages

HX1 Turbo Upgrade disks: NEW!
[Thanks to Mr. Gunnar Konn From Iceland]

Disk1 - HX1 Turbo Upgrd Disk1Contents
Disk2 - HX1 Turbo Upgrd Disk2Contents
Manual Part1
Manual Part2
Manual Part3-4
Manual App.

Misc disks HX-1 only:
Misc. HX-1 disks - Various HX1 DisksThis bulk of
disks will be arranged
by me in the future.
Rhythm disks:
Rhythm Disk - HX1/3/5 Rhythm DiskContents

Demonstration disks:
Demo Disk - HX-1 Demonstration DiskContents

HX-3 User voices disks:
HX-3 Sounds - Various sets of SoundsContents

HX PC (DOS/Win32) utilities:
Name:Brief description:OS:Comments:
EVT2MIDConverts MDR .EVT files into a standard MIDI filesWin32None of sounds / program-change information is preserved.
UserVoiceXLoads/Saves HX User voicesWin32See programming section
Warning: HX MIDI upgrade is required! - older HX may stick while using it. (see 'Tips&FAQs' section.)

HX Tone generator service manuals
HX-1 tone gen. parts listHX tone generator parts list (numbers, names, location..)
HX-1,3,5 tone gen. parts listHX tone generator parts list (ALL)
Service manual Part-1HX-1 tone gen. disassembly procedure and main features.
Service manual Part-2HX-1 ICs names/numbers and pin layouts
HX 3-5 Full Service manualHX-3 AND HX-5 only! In 3 parts (PDF)

HX PKX-F1 25 note (full) pedalboard service manual - (NEW!!)
Full PKX SMPKX F1, M1 and S1 (+EP10,EP20). In 5 parts (PDF)
Parts viewParts location and numbers
Parts listParts names/numbers and pin layouts

Sincerely yours James Cohen Israel.