HX sites

HX site
The main HX site for many years, the site from which I've learnt about the HX myself. In this site you'll get information about the instrument, its flaws, how to buy a used HX, recommendation for sound combinations and much more..

HS sites

Yamaha HS-8 @ Gilly on the Net
I think it is the only HS-8 site on the net...
Alaba Mamusic.com
It is not exactly an HS-8 site, but give's you a lot of information about it.

Electone sites

Electone CentreStage
One of the newest sites of the Electone families, which focuses mainly on the EL family - built by Alfred.
Electone Club International
Electone forum in Yahoo (also opened by Alfred).
Please note: a free registration is required.
Yamaha's Electone site - including several forum groups.
Yamaha's Manual Library
Yamaha's manual library - including all of Yamaha's electone manuals (acrobat pdf files). http://www.yamaha.co.jp/manual/english/.
Glenn's Collection of HS-8 Performance Disks
A very nice collection indeed.. There are 18 zip files. Each file contains the evt and r00 files for saving on floppy disk, and use with the MDR, and a 'contents.txt' file. http://www.ggbmusic.com/hs8/index.html.

HX fans emails

Well, your email can come here (with or without your picture..).
If you consider yourself an HX fan, please email me, and I'll add your name/pic to this list.

Wider Horizons

Wersi Organs
Probably the best organs in the world, with too high price tags...
Most of the best organists in the world play these instruments. http://www.wersi.com
Thomas organs (orgels)
It is clearly the continuation of the Wersi Pegasus keyboards line, has rather good sounds and features. http://www.soundtechnology.nl.
Roland organs
More traditional instruments with some nice features.
Technics organs
Also a line of traditional instruments.
Yamaha organs (Electones)
Their newest models and specs.
Orla organs
A small, but growing organ manufacturer - with many nice low budget instruments.

Sincerely yours James Cohen Israel.