HX1 Voice Editing Software

It took a few years but it's finally here !!

A modern solution for editing the HX-1's 8-op (poly) and 16-op (mono) FM user voices, and it's totally free !!

Mr. Robert MacDonell has done it again (!) and was kind enough to help us all in this matter as well,
and programmed a very nice solution for that exact purpose:

The HX-1 Voice Editor is a very nice and revolutionary piece of software which requires one to connect the HX-1 to his/her Windows-based PC using a MIDI kit.

Current version: Build 8.6.2023 (8 Jun 2023) NEW!
- Supports 64bit systems: Win11, Win10, Win8 and Win7.

The only recommended and tested MIDI kit is the M-Audio's UNO cable:


For downloading the latest version (Build 11.9.2023) click here.

Sincerely yours James Cohen Israel.